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A satellite garden of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, the peaceful Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens on the grounds of a former estate have acidic soil and moderate temperatures that have made them a haven for rare plant species – some so scarce that they are the only one of their kind in the Northern Hemisphere.

One of two major sources of the water supply for Dublin, it is also a scenic area of wild bird conservation, known internationally for its population of greylag geese.Explore our grounds on foot, and you’ll find countless remnants of Kippure’s intriguing past.On hilltops surrounding the estate you’ll even find Neolithic passage tombs, each of them up to 5,000 years old (Seefin, Seefingan, Seahan).Kippure has a rich, fascinating history, dating back to the 1700s.The estate was originally owned by the Moore family of Kilbride, who extended it into a substantial hunting lodge, together with farm, ancillary features and a Victorian walled garden; the very epitome of classic country living.Read on to discover the ten best reasons to visit Dublin’s enticing neighbour.

So vast are the Wicklow Mountains that they can’t even be contained within its borders; their granite peaks also spread out into the neighbouring counties of Dublin, Carlow and Wexford.

A four-kilometre stretch of golden sand along the Irish Sea, Brittas Bay is one of Ireland’s best beaches, loved by locals and migrating Dublin sun-worshippers alike.

It has been awarded the European Union (EU) Blue Flag certification – designating the highest quality beaches in Europe – for five consecutive years.

Kevin, it soon developed into a ma major centre of religious learning and worship.

Today, people of all faiths visit to experience the area’s unspoiled natural beauty and see its well-preserved monuments.

The current owners, Bríd agus Tadhg Ó Cadhain, purchased Kippure, developed it and officially re-opened the estate in 2003.

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