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Jennifer Anne Garner Jen Aries Houston, Texas, USAJennifer Garner attended George Washington High School in Charleston.She also studied at Denison University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in her role as CIA officer Sydney Bristow from 2001 to 2006. In 1997, Garner portrayed the role as Kelly on In Harm’s Way.

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One of the features they've kept is adding in little extras embossed on the interior tray when appropriate.The Collect and Connect this time around is the classic Darkseid, who finally gets the bulk he so rightly deserves.There are two variants, as usual with a regular release series.This makes it not just an accessory, but a decorative part of the bubble as well. Mid-Night, Spectre ***1/2 The big surprise in this quartet, at least for me, is Iron.I've never been a big fan of the Metal Men, a group of robots created by Dr. Iron has his classic silver age look, and the sculpting is exceptional.Hopefully I'll be able to snag Mary, Desaad and Copperhead in the next week and then follow up this review with my second half.

Packaging - ***1/2 Mattel has made a packaging change with this wave, and it's a good one.With this wave, we're getting hit with a price hike.In fact, some folks may have already gotten hit with it on wave 11, but for me, wave 12 was the first time I paid nearly each for the figures.Memorable Moment: "I'm not saying anything to you. " - On George wanting an apology for embarrassing him at a party.The only die cast metal I see is the chain between the ball and hand piece, which isn't exactly big news.